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Gold award in Best Portrait category at Bird Photographer of the Year 2018

I am very happy to announce that I've got the Gold Award in Best Portrait category at Bird Photographer of the Year! I shot the winning image in Iceland in may 2017, a solo trip that I started despite I had high fever when I left Italy. That confirms that in order to get results you have to work hard and face problems. If I gave up and decided to delay my trip I wouldn't have got this major achievement!
I am very proud as it is a very important competition joined by the most skilled bird photographers in the world! Having scored the first position in Best Portrat category makes me really happy.

Here is a link to awards presentation video where you can listen to Chris Packham introducing my image!

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By Karen Beekman

02-09-2018, 15:43

I love the graceful beauty of this photo. It is so relaxing !


By Saverio Gatto

02-09-2018, 17:29

Thank you very much Karen beekman!

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